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Learn to easily paint big beautiful roses!

I just love to paint roses! They seem tricky at first, but once you know the technique it becomes easier and easier! And before you know it, you find yourself looking at all plain surfaces wondering what color and type of rose you would paint on it to make it beautiful!


Soon, I will have a tutorial up showing you how to paint a lovely rose with one stroke acrylic painting, so stay tuned to Sailor Grey Fine Arts!


In the meantime, please check out my Etsy shop for my artwork!

Turn boring wine glasses into a joyful garden of flowers!

Your friends will gush over the big colorful set of tulips you pull out to serve drinks on your patio on a warm evening!


Check out my Store to order a set, which may be customized as you like, or check back often since I will soon have a tutorial on how you can make these fun lovelies! Every tulip has its own unique pretty center and you will be able to make a whole set quickly! (also because once you experience the fun of making one, you want to make 100!)

Paint detailed stars, galaxies, and nebula at the speed of light!

Who doesn't love gazing up at a million stars from a peaceful, remote place? It puts life itself into perspective! Experience the breathtaking sights of a fantasy universe full of living planets, and wonder who might be down there in that corner of space, surrounded by glittering stars, shifting nebula, and blazing comets.


I love space and science fiction, so frequently love to imagine and paint galaxies while wondering and wishing to see what is out there. Check out my Store to order some, or learn from one of my upcoming tutorials how to paint a basic dark, colorful galaxy yourself on almost any surface!

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