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Sabrina's Step-by-Step Tuts!

To me, the major joy I feel from painting is from the ongoing learning process itself!


Right now, I am practicing and quickly learning how to paint using the one stroke painting technique. Multiple colors of paint are loaded onto your brush to create astonishing effects. I particularly love how realistic and beautiful the one stroke flowers look (though I am far from mastering every flower!).


On this page, I will be added, as I create them, videos so you can see how I make different little paintings on glassware and other medium.


The tutorials of other artists who are happy to share their valuable techniques have been so valuable to me and helped me so much along my artistic path. They are very encouraging and I hope to express my gratitude and share my own joy by creating my own tutorials in the hopes of helping you learn too.


Have Fun!


I have decided that as I learn myself, I will create tutorials to help others in the same way that others have helped me with art techniques. I am currently enjoying painting beautiful one-stroke flowers and so will be adding links here you will be able to visit if you would like to learn to paint them too!


I am an introvert but I have bravely decided that I would like to try my hand at creating a nice playlist of instructional videos. Here, I will soon have links to show you step-by-step videos of my painting process!