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Hi it's great to meet you! Welcome to Sailor Grey Fine Arts!


I'm Sabrina Markon and I love art! - both enjoying the marvelous creativity and emotion I see come from the minds of others, as well as creating my own and studying Art History! I particularly love painting. I find the tactile and mindful sensation of feeling color flowing from a brush an extension of my own energy and life.


Recently, I discovered the art of hand painting wine glasses (and other glassware). I fell in love with the one stroke technique at once, delighted with how alive a leaf or flower can look when painted with a double (or more) loaded brush brimming with vibrant FolkArt enamel paint. I paint canvas and stones and other media as well, and am trying to reclaim a lost joy of mine from my childhood I gave up along with other things I loved when I was treated as if they were stupid by an abuser. I am trying to recover from what was decades of manipulation and terrifying abuse by a relative who was an authority figure now, and am feeling happy now that has been removed from my family's lives hopefully for good, and replaced with warm, joyous experiences that nourish the soul instead of hurting.


My dream is to someday own just a little house in some sort of cottage style, surrounded by forest and nature, and maybe even be near the ocean and the beaches. Nature and the stars is truly the joy of my heart after my children.

I am very experienced and educated in IT, and am a Computer Science student at the University of the People, but art is what sings to my very being. I hope someday to earn enough to make my dream for my small family become a reality and enjoy both art AND programming from that little home with a warm breeze blowing through, with a view of a big garden and my family in the yard from where I work. The idea of such peace and being surrounded by nature while I can exercise both my mind's logic and reasoning on the computer AND express the creative thoughts that also swirl through me is a fantasy dreamscape. Something that seems so small to others but would be everything to me.

In the meantime, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (where I have made many friends despite being an introvert!) for now with my two youngest children, Emz and Lucas, our three oafish cats, Squeebz (orange), Benji (black and white), and Nigel (red Arabian Mau who is NOT graceful but remarkably awkward for a cat!), Otis the ball python, and Cactus the gecko. We find pleasure in living by camping, taking my little boy to basketball, baseball, football, and his other sports and activities, joining the children at his school for field trips, reading, writing, painting of course, and cooking meals, enjoying Sci-Fi, and talking about how we love cats or just sitting quietly or joking with Emz. I have the most strikingly beautiful, gregarious, and multi-talented older daughter too, named Sarah, who with her hubby Brad just last year had a beautiful sparkling, sunny-smiled little baby girl named Sailor.

That little baby girl is the wee little Sailor Grey!

Sabrina Markon
Artist, Sailor Grey Fine Arts


Below are some of the most cherished, happy memories of my life. Never forget what - who - is really important! And enjoy every second of lots of time with them!

Camping near the Icefield Parkway
Me and Emz and Lucas having fun camping
My Kidlets
Emz, Sarah, and Lucas 2008 in the pretty backyard we had with a trampoline and lots of trees
Bridge to the Zoo
Calgary zoo with Emz, Brielle, Lucas, Josiah, and Isaiah 2015
Lucas finds fun and happiness in everything he does
Sarah and Sailor
My little jewels
Wee Miss Grey
Sailor and the little bunny I mailed to her
Pair Programming
Working on my school assignment with some help from Squeebz (as usual)
That Swing
My babies swung on it when we lived there, and now my baby's baby does. Look how happy she is. Its a lovely park.
Icecream Sunset
It swirled and changed colors ...the sky in Calgary is its most beautiful attraction I think
Art Mess
No it is not possible to eat dinner on our kitchen table. Ever.
Emz: Master of the Flame
Lucas 8th Birthday
20+ friends (anyone who wanted to come was invited by default after we couldn't narrow it down!)
Happy Birthday song nearly brought the roof down!
My One True Love...
Smiley Sailor
Huge Play Day at Jumpstart Games!
Happy Birthday from Dad!
The Ocean in Calgary is in the Sky
Squeebz Feeling Secure
Benji Feeling Fat
Lucas, Emz, and "our" Res Dog
We wanted to keep him but I can't live with a dog from allergies :( Also, he belonged to someone!
Emz Modestly Showing One-Of-Many
Old School Baths are Best for Babies
The Spoils of Victory
Lucas Baseball 2015 with his Trophy, Baseball cards and treats from playing on the Liminators!
Cute Big Fuzzy Head
That Goalie
Cat Loafs: A Day at the Bakery
Feeling Proud
Sabrina's Favorite View of a Baby
I love big fuzzy baby domes they're just so cute
Lumberjack Lucas
Lucas the Catcher
Beautiful Golden Pancakes by Emz
Basketball Buds
The Dragons get their medals
Sailor and her Da-Da
I Love Ravens
We see this family of Ravens at the campsite and they will get into everything if you're not watchful. We talked to them and hand fed them and they tried to stand in the way of the car when we had to leave. I hope they are still there for 2016!
That Headband
A Mess means I Love Doing That Thing
Lucas' 7th Birthday with His Buddies
Little Outdoorsman
I'm All Grubby Here, Having A Picnic
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Sabrina's Favorite View of a Baby

I love big fuzzy baby domes they're just so cute