New Website and Blog!

So yeah..what started off as a homework project in my web programming class at UoPeople sort of caught me by surprise, blossoming into an epic quest of a project!

I usually insist upon hand-coding everything I do, pooh-poohing the idea of using a web builder site, particularly since I've been hand coding all along, full stack.

Except well, making a website with Wix is FUN, and I happened to already want a website for my artistic journey in addition to my Etsy Store, and so I got right into building it!

I've been told I write well when I have something to say, so thought I'd also give the blog app a try, and here is my first post :)

I suppose I will see how nice people think my site is when my peers ruthlessly review and grade it next week (seriously, if you really want to strive for excellence, the pressure of peer review is MOST helpful, albeit intimidating!)

I truly love painting. I love the feeling of stress draining away as I gaze at the beautiful emotional art of others as well, and spend a lot of time on Facebook, Etsy, and Pinterest admiring creativity. Art and music truly showcases the very best of humanity and should be cherished.

So here is my first blog post for my spiritual and artistic journey with Sailor Grey Fine Arts, color, emotion, and discovery.

And here are my vibrant little bottles of Folk Art enamels (who have a few Martha Stewart Multi-Surface buddies with them), being guarded diligently by Squeebz, who will be my first attempt to try to capture the distinct personality of a beloved cat or familiar. See how he wants to help? He also helps by knocking my things back down the floor where he believes they belong!

Please check back often as I will be updating often!

Sabrina :)

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