Reward for My Getting Some Homework Done!

Today, I can hardly wait to paint more! I have big ideas for some canvas paintings and want to see if I can make them! First, I want to make certain space scenes I imagined from my reading of the Alien Hunters trilogy by Daniel Arenson. It's such a terrific and entertaining little space opera and I love Science Fiction. I am hoping he writes more books for this series like he does with his wonderful epic series about dragons!

Anyway, I won't have time to paint such a project today, but if I can finish my reading assignment for my Web Programming class, which is likely, and get a couple sections studied of my Computer Systems class as well, I will allow myself to paint some Pansies. I can hardly stand not painting these blue beauties after watching Pamela's Tutorial, "Paint Pansies on Glass".

Due to the time I have left in the day today, though, I still need to decide between doing that and painting a glass as a present for my friend Cara, who sent her little boy Gabe over here yesterday with another little gift (she is a great person like that, always thinking of others and making sure they know it :), of a little plant in a pot from the new garden she is planting in front of her townhouse. Whichever one I decide feels right for today though will show up as a photo on my site here and blog.

Have a beautiful day! Sabrina

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