I'm SO Happy About Hand Painted PANSIES! :)

I've been busy with my Computer Systems class but DID reward myself for getting my homework done the other day by spending some time learning how to paint more one stroke flowers, specifically those gorgeous ONE STROKE PANSIES!

I cannot even BELIEVE how they turned out for my first try painting pansies on glass. Everyone around here says they look real as if it is a real flower sitting in the glass, and in the photos the blue especially just seems to glow! I am completely tickled about this. I learned from the video Pamela posted on her site. I think her tutorials are the best and she points out things about painting on glass that other people don't remember to mention to people new to it. It helped me solve the mystery as to why other people's glass paint seemed more opaque than I could get mine!

For my pansies, I let it dry between layers (somewhat impatiently I admit..I need to get a little fan?) and I just love how they turned out and am now almost done two more colors I will post soon! The great thing about pansies is there is no shortage of color combinations to choose from! The one I'm painting today is called Skyline Orange, for instance.

In addition, from my last post I started my first CRACKLE paint project as a present for my friend. I have been taking photos during the entire process so if it turns out well, I will use the photos towards writing a crackle paint tutorial for you. So far, I have started some of the layers for the roses I am painting on it, but am not satisfied yet. I wanted red roses so am using a very dark, almost black red and well, red itself in the one stroke technique, but it feels like I have the paint on too thick. I don't have as much wiggle room for mistakes on the crackle paint since wiping things off might stain the crackle or ruin it somehow (usually I can just take rubbing alcohol or baby wipes and tidy up around a mistake).

Anyway we shall see how this all goes! Here are my blue and purple PANSY hand painted wine glasses! I like them so much I am wondering if I should paint one of those for my friend instead of the crackle with roses. I'll decide once I'm done that one.

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