A long time!

Well here it is a LONG time after I wrote a blog post! I've been really busy with computer science studies and work, which happens, but I notice and feel depressed if I don't get to do anything artistic for a long time, because I feel that was probably the thing I was "meant" to do, even if I am interested in or even love other pursuits.

Since I wrote here I've sold some of my painted glassware and had a challenging, dark and beautiful commission set for a local customer who was a pleasure to meet.

I am in the process of creating some painting tutorials but these are on canvas and for a beloved friend of mine who says she would like to use them to teach children to paint. I will post them here too when I'm done. The first painting I am making is to show how easy it is to create your own little galaxy scene!

#tutorials #sabrinamarkon #paintedglasses #acrylic #galaxy #galaxypainting #commission

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